Get Admission in ITS Dental College Greater Noida

Dentistry is one of the branches of medical science and is very respectful profession in India. The discipline provides various courses in dentistry such as BDS, MDS, etc. and some diploma courses are also available in dentistry.

There are various top colleges in India which provide various course in dentistry. Among all other top dental colleges ITS   Dental College Greater Noida is most reputed college in India, which is situated in Greater Noida, U.P. This college is approved by the Dental Council of India, Ministry of Health & Family Welfare and it is affiliated from Ch. Charan Singh University, Meerut.

This college is offering five year degree course in B.D.S. and it has the limited seats for the B.D.S. It tries to develop personality, character and qualities which are essential for this profession and it also provides the necessary skills, gives knowledge along with the practical knowledge in Dentistry.


Get Admission in Kalka Dental College



Kalka Dental College is situated in Meerut, Uttar Pradesh and it is established by the Kalka Educational Society in 1974. Kalka Dental College is affiliated to Chaudhary Charan Singh University, Meerut and it is approved by Dental Council of India (DCI) and Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India.

Kalka group of Institutions in India has provided various levels and variety of disciplines such as professional studies, Information Technology, Pharmacy, Medical Dental College and Hospital.

There are various branches of this institution such as Kalka Dental College, Kalka Engineering College, Kalka College of Pharmacy, Kalka College of Education, and Kalka Institute for Research and Advance Studies, etc.

Kalka Dental College provides an undergraduate course in BDS (Bachelor in Dental Surgery) and it is four year course and candidates are enrolling themselves in this course after the 12th standard. In this program, candidates make their career in the dentistry with basic and advanced dental sciences.

The main aim or objectives of this college is prepare to cover a complete professionals in dental health care and it provide the quality of education throughout the nation and its aim to produce technical management professionals education and it established several colleges of advance studies in Delhi or in neighboring states or in abroad. It provide the best faculty who has the best academic record as well as clinic practices and has a practical knowledge in diagnosis and treatment – preventive,  curative, and other dental function.

Kalka Dental College put their effort to provide to the healthcare needs of the public by making use of high tech clinic, professionals and other resources.

There are several dental colleges in India which try to offer their best program in dentistry to the learners candidates and they are able to make their career in dentistry.

Real Learning Experience on Practical Grounds at ITS Dental College, Muradnagar

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Before you start practicing as a dentist in Indian Territory, it takes a minimum of four years in an undergraduate program to get trained professionally. An extensive cross functional training in the field is a rigorous module that confers all the relevant academic knowledge to the learners apart from imparting practical knowledge in various clinical and practical sessions to bring the realistic exposure to the aspirants. In India, you can find various top dental colleges which have set a benchmark for themselves for being the center of excellence in dentistry. The one that is well regarded all across is ITS Dental College Muradnagar. It stands apart the crowd and boasts of unique features that are hard to find anywhere else.

The college joins the group of elite institutions because of unique pedagogy that is a prudent mix of traditional methods with modern methodologies and is focused at providing practical exposure to participants to help them get the hands on experience on real world cases. Students in their third year at ITS Dental College Muradnagar brought under the supervision of senior dental healthcare practitioners and experienced faculty members where they come across a variety of cases and patients from varied backgrounds. This all provides a perfect ground to learn and gain expertise in the discipline.

How to Become a Dentist?

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Your high school preparations can make a solid foundation for an excellent career in dentistry. You need to major in science subjects including math, physics, biology, and chemistry. Your solid background in science prepares you for college work and helps understand the critical dental subjects deeply rooted to science. Dental colleges in India look forward to candidates having well-rounded educational qualifications. Some colleges book only graduate students to their high-end dentistry programs. In order to become eligible for rigorous scientific training in such schools, one needs to finish graduation in science stream with good scores.

However majority of Indian dental schools do not see graduation as their eligibility criteria for dental studies and allow candidates holding plus two degree in science stream. Aspiring candidates have to furnish flying scores in dental entrance test that is meant to analyze student’s suitability to the course. Entrance tests are mandatory to be cleared for dental admission in India. There is NEET entrance examination that opens doors to some of the top Dental colleges in India scattered everywhere in the country, but only for brilliant minds. This sets high parameters for the aspirants and needs them to furnish excellent scores. Apart from NEET sore card, such colleges consider a round of personal interview and group discussion sessions before allowing a candidate to study dentistry. If you have volunteered your hours while working in a dental hospital, it gives you an edge over others and brings you some liberation in the selection procedure.

Once you are in the program, are expected to finish starting two years in rigorous classroom settings that is followed by laboratory work. All the basics of dental and advanced science are completed here and you make for the next level where remaining two years are spent in clinical settings that is augmented by some classroom work. You practice under the supervision of experienced faculty or licensed practitioners to grow as a professional dentist. After completing your term with a dental college in India, you can apply for the license that permits you to work in Indian Territory.

Is Dental Admission in India is Considered to be a Beast that is Hard to Tame


Dentistry in the times we are living in is a rewarding career option. It pays you off in the long runs and has a great scope to bloom professionally and personally. To start with the career, you need to clear the entrance test first that is conducted to give admission to a dental course of your choice. For dental admission in India, there are two types of examinations are held. The one is conducted on national level and other is on state level. If you write the national level test, it means you can be sent to a college located in any part of the country. It is very tough to clear but guarantees that you will be finding the best possible option for colleges.

State level test is not that much of tough and offers you with options available in that state only. Sometimes you have to do with a mediocre college also if don’t keep your score card in proper shape. This is why it is very necessary to strive hard for meeting with the success in the admission procedure for dental science. NEET PG and NEET UG set high selection criteria to fill in seats of some of the best dental colleges across India. Alternatively, you can go for an examination that a chosen institute will conduct to offer you a seat to a dental program that appeals to your penchants the most. Whatever the process you opt for, you need to earn good marks to secure a seat with a college of your choice.

There are some colleges which are doing exceptionally good in the domain. Kalka dental college is one among them. This college completes its admission procedure through Common Entrance Test that is conducted by Association of Private Medical & Dental Colleges of UP – UPCATD. The exam is a real beast to tame and students preparing for it need lots of concentration and focused study plans.

Top Private Dental Colleges in India: Base for Expert Practitioners


In recent few years dentistry has been re-explored and today, it is seen as the most promising career option for those who want to go for an alternative medical career. As per the growing demand for the discipline, there is strongly needed a curriculum that can train pursuers in current treatment methodology and make them abreast of latest technological developments in order to keep pace with today’s changing scenario of medical sciences. This responsibility is being shouldered by various government as well as private dental colleges and successful dental healthcare practitioners in large numbers are entering the industry every year. Role of top private dental colleges in India like DJ Dental College is quite remarkable in this regarding where seekers find a perfect learning ground to get themselves groomed with the relevant expertise in the field.   

Such dental colleges are famous for offering world class programs in dentistry and their host of various dental programs at different level of expertise is enough to woo learners from every corner of the world. Apart from a firm courseware that these colleges have to offer to its students; equally thankful is excellent board of professors and senior practitioners who not only are there to impart core subjective knowledge but also to share their work experience with the learners. Besides, clinical sessions and a series of practicum segment are in the prime concern of a high-end program in dental science. Students searching for the best dental college in India can go for Kalka Dental College which is equipped with above mentioned features to craft a pool of expert practitioners who can deal with a series of cases and with efficacy.


The list finds various other top names in the category and completes with ITS Dental College Greater Noida and shree bankey bihari dental college which are equally searched by enthusiasts from the world over. 

Dental College in India

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Medical sector is an exciting field where every day brings an array of bizarre situations. It is challenging, quite engaging, and a promising career option for those who want to serve others apart from flourishing a successful career in the same line. Dentistry is a sub-branch of medical sciences and sees a large student’s influx in its various specialization courses. Dental admission in India is a chance to get entry to this exciting field where future dental healthcare practitioners learn the finest of the art of dentistry.

In order to securing a seat in a top dental college in India, students need to write NEET examination. It is a national level test, which analyses a candidate’s subjective knowledge apart from assessing his suitability for the opted course in dentistry. It is one of the toughest exams that needs months of preparation and focused study plans. An optimal level of scores earned in the test makes base for a student and allows him/her to attend the high-end course in a dental college of their choice. NEET is being conducted on national level to send selected students to any of the top dental colleges across India. In short, NEET is mandatory for getting dental admission in India.

There in India, various good dental colleges are offering up to the mark courses which help train students as per the current industry needs, also make them eligible for future challenges. It is must for a dental college to be recognized from Dental Council of India DCI so that prescribed syllabus can be conferred at the best possible manner. DCI is an autonomous body which is also responsible for maintaining the level of quality dental education being delivered in any of these dental colleges in India. Dental science offers numerous growth opportunities and for a talented hand in the industry there is no dearth of possibilities.