How to Become a Dentist?

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Your high school preparations can make a solid foundation for an excellent career in dentistry. You need to major in science subjects including math, physics, biology, and chemistry. Your solid background in science prepares you for college work and helps understand the critical dental subjects deeply rooted to science. Dental colleges in India look forward to candidates having well-rounded educational qualifications. Some colleges book only graduate students to their high-end dentistry programs. In order to become eligible for rigorous scientific training in such schools, one needs to finish graduation in science stream with good scores.

However majority of Indian dental schools do not see graduation as their eligibility criteria for dental studies and allow candidates holding plus two degree in science stream. Aspiring candidates have to furnish flying scores in dental entrance test that is meant to analyze student’s suitability to the course. Entrance tests are mandatory to be cleared for dental admission in India. There is NEET entrance examination that opens doors to some of the top Dental colleges in India scattered everywhere in the country, but only for brilliant minds. This sets high parameters for the aspirants and needs them to furnish excellent scores. Apart from NEET sore card, such colleges consider a round of personal interview and group discussion sessions before allowing a candidate to study dentistry. If you have volunteered your hours while working in a dental hospital, it gives you an edge over others and brings you some liberation in the selection procedure.

Once you are in the program, are expected to finish starting two years in rigorous classroom settings that is followed by laboratory work. All the basics of dental and advanced science are completed here and you make for the next level where remaining two years are spent in clinical settings that is augmented by some classroom work. You practice under the supervision of experienced faculty or licensed practitioners to grow as a professional dentist. After completing your term with a dental college in India, you can apply for the license that permits you to work in Indian Territory.


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