Top Dental Colleges in Delhi


Dentistry is a branch of medicine which deals in maintaining oral health. In other words, Dentistry is the branch which involved around the study, diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of diseases, disorders and conditions of the oral cavity. It is considered necessary for complete overall health that why it is important for a person healthy body. Doctors who practice dentistry are known as dentist. Dentist are those professionals which deals with the problem related with oral cavity. A dentist is a health care practitioner that specializes in the diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of diseases and conditions of the oral cavity. Dentistry become quite famous in India. There are many dental colleges in India which offer courses related to dental education. These colleges and universities are approved by Dental Council of India. There are many dental admission in India every year. A lot of dentists are produced by colleges and universities every year in India.

There are lot of Dental college in Delhi, the capital region of our country. Some of the famous one’s are Army Hospital (Research & Referral), Department of Dental Surgery, Faculty of Dentistry, Jamia Millia Islamia, Maulana Azad Dental College & Hospital etc. All colleges are approved by Dental Council of India. Students who want to take admission after completing the school, they have to take admission in BDS for undergraduate level and for post graduate level its MDS. Students learn various subjects like oral pathology, Orthodontics, Pedodontics, Dental material Science, General and Dental Pharmacology and Therapeutics etc. in dentistry. It is a dynamic health profession, offering opportunities to become a successful and a highly respected member of the society. Dentists enjoy quite good compensation and the high demand for dental care is likely to continue in the future. The realization that oral health can have a serious impact on systemic health drives the expansion of new professional opportunities each year.


Shree Bankey Bihari Dental College: Pioneering Name in Dental Academe

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The most important decision for a student is choosing a career. Medicine is one of the noble career choose by students. Medicine is the practice of the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of disease. It encompasses many health care practices for the prevention and treatment of illness in human beings to maintain and restore their health. There are many branches of medicine such as hematology, chiropody, cytology, bio engineering etc. Dentistry is also one of the branches of medicine. It is the branch of medicine in which a person studies about prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases, disorders and conditions of the oral cavity. Oral diseases are one of the major public health problems because of their high incidence and prevalence across the globe. Those doctors who practice dentistry are known as Dentists. A dentist is a health care practitioner who specializes in the diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of diseases and conditions of the oral cavity of a person. Dentists are often able to recognize and identify a wide variety of diseases, ranging from hypertension to cancer. They perform trauma surgery, implants, tissue grafts and laser surgery for repairing, restoring and maintaining the teeth, gums and oral tissues that have been lost or damaged due to accidents or diseases. Various colleges have opened U.P in Dental Stream. Kalka Dental College is quite popular name in this field.


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There are many colleges for dentistry in India. Some of them are Chhattisgarh Dental College & Research Institute, Sundra; Vaidik Dental College & Research Centre, Daman; Goa Dental College; Maitri College of Dentistry and Research Centre, District. Durg etc. Kalka Dental College, Meerut is one of the leading centre of excellence in oral health education. It is recognized by Dental Council India and affiliated to Chaudhary Charan Singh University. The courses offers by college are BDS, Dental Mechanics, Dental Hygienist, MDS. Transport availability, well equipped classrooms, separate hostels for boys and girls, well stocked and well furnished library. Shree Bankey Bihari Dental College is located in Meerut, Uttar Pradesh. The college provide batch of 100 students every year for undergraduate level. Facilities like library, mess, cafeteria, transport facility, separate boys and girls hostel are available in the college.

Choosing the Best Dental College for Making it Big for the Field of Dentistry


Dentistry is the most rewarding field of today. Today’s changing lifestyle, growing awareness towards dental hygiene and health and beauty concern (in special cases though) have made the dentistry as one of the most promising career options for many dreaming of becoming a successful dental healthcare practitioner in India or abroad.
For getting properly trained in your chosen area of specialization you need one of the best dental colleges in Delhi. Pursuers who are eyeing for the top niche in the field of dental sciences are only found eager to get themselves enrolled to a top college in the field that has earned international acclaims for it’s so many of parameters. Getting attached to a reputed name in the world of dental education helps you a lot in finding best of the jobs after your studies.

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Scrutinizing over features that a good dental college should provide you with, you need to pay much attention on its accreditation from a recognized government body. Without a valid recognition your potential college for dental sciences has no value at all. Degree earned from such college is looked down upon in the competitive job market and dental healthcare practitioners from a recognized institution are found beating your chances for jobs. Aside to this, one of the best dental colleges in Delhi must offer world class dental education in each of its disciplines to help infuse its students with characteristics needed to compete with their international counterparts.
After selecting a college of your choice that meets your career goals the best, you are allowed to appear in the entrance test for getting dental admission in India. Once you are cleared through the analysis test, will be greeted by the most favorable learning environment to hone up your dental expertise and become successful in the field.

Pursuing Dentistry in Bangalore Dental Colleges


Bangalore City has number of good medical and dental colleges to woo seekers from around the nation. These medical study centers are fortified with all modern day facilities and latest technologies to help learners work on the practical side of their learning with excellence. Pursuing dentistry program in Bangalore is good decision as prospective learners come across a wide array of cases to deal with and most importantly a learning atmosphere that is hard to find anywhere else in India.
BDS colleges in Bangalore are blessed with good teaching faculty that has years of experience and knowledge to share with their dedicated pupils. Under their close supervision these aspirants find ample of opportunities to hone up their expertise and advance in their dentistry knowledge. While following expert dentists in a clinical setting, they catch chances to assist them in carrying out their dental procedures on real cases. This helps them gain hands on experience that pays in long runs. Apart from this, dental colleges in Bangalore are known to inculcate into students core academic knowledge to help them build up solid academic ground for a dental career in future. Dental study comprises of teaching sessions on both, the area of specialization and more general dental clinical skills.

Anybody interested in a career in dentistry can apply for dental admission in India. There a common admission test is held on national level that is called as NEET. For undergraduate courses in dentistry, candidates need to clear NEET UG test, whereas for postgraduate courses NEET PG is must to be cleared.

Studying in an Ideal Dental School

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A profession in medical sector brings exciting remuneration to pursuers. The same goes with a career in dentistry. Only you need to get a proper training in the discipline so as to become eligible for the perks and benefits that the field has to offer you with. A dental school’s role is significant to infuse you with proper training and responsible attitude apart from blending your nature with a professional approach towards the challenging field of dental sciences. This is so important for you to know what kind of dental training is being imparted in a chosen dental school.
Characteristics that your selected college must possess are good teaching and learning environment, excellent board of educators, and incredible placement. Good dental school like the one is Kalka Dental College meerut which coach students regarding functions from most basic ones to that complex in nature. Stipulated environment inside an ideal college works magically to teach candidates about dental procedure. Apart from this, dental aspirants get numerous chances to work on their academics. Subjects being taught by a dental school are dental terminology, human anatomy, nutrition and diseases, radiology, preventive care, pathology, and anesthesiology.

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Practical experience in dentistry keeps so much of importance and a college that houses clinical settings is considered as the best. KD Dental College mathura that has in house dental office makes a perfect example of ideal dental colleges in India. The mentioned dental school helps seekers gain practical experience while working on its in house dental office.

Dentistry at its best


Dentistry is a course that is opted for by the people who have studied Biology in their intermediate level of education. This course is related to the oral health and hygiene. However, there is special entry requirements; and amongst myriads of dental schools worldwide, a numerous professional degrees are being provided. As far as India is concerned, dentistry training is provided through a BDS (Bachelor of Dental Surgery) course that ranges for five years. The course though is only for 4 years, after which internship for 1 year is done. As far as dental education is concerned, there were 291 colleges in India out of which 39 are run by the Government while 252 are availed by the Private Sector. So, figures suggest a yearly intake of 23,690 graduates approximately.
Post the degree in Bachelor’s, Master’s degree is what students seek for. Post-graduate training takes three years to get completed and is given in the concerned specialty. MDS or Master of Dental Surgery is offered in the following subjects: Prosthodontics, Periodontics, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, Conservative Dentistry & Endodontic, Orthodontics & Dentofacial Orthopedics, Oral Pathology & Microbiology, Community Dentistry, Pedodontics and Preventive Dentistry & Oral Medicine Diagnosis and Radiology. Dental admission in India or Dental education in the country is being regulated by a national council, called, the Dental Council of India.

Bangalore, as we all know, is metropolitan city that has been growing since it got founded. This city is quite great for the people who do want to explore their selves in various arenas of life and profession alike. Dentist is also one of the professions who do get a lot of support from this part of the country. Various colleges are here; to name a few dental colleges in Bangalore: AJ institute of Dental Sciences, Al Badar Dental College & Hospital, Al Ameen Dental College and others. So, to become a health care expert explore this profession!


Teaching Standard of Indian Dental Schools

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Indian dental schools are offering up to the mark dental training in different study levels. At MDS level a meticulous training in all nine specialties approved by Dental Council of India is being conferred to interested seekers.Rama Dental College is one of the premier dental schools in India that is recognized for quality dental teaching and research activities in the discipline. The College is equipped with ultra modern technologies and dental facilities in dental clinics. With its state of the art laboratories and preclinical and research labs the Institute is providing learners with excellent learning environment. Such a perfect breeding ground of the College facilitates the quality teaching, learning, and ultimate patient care.

Rama Dental College in order to follow DCI standards for Indian dental schools is offering excellent curricula in various specialties that are at parity with international dental education. A course at BDS level comprises of four academic years followed by one year paid internship.MDS program in DCI approved nine specialty is designed to be contemporary and comprehensive.

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Another notable name in the sector is ITS Dental College Greater Noida. The College strives hard to train graduate and post graduate students with the training that is at par with national and international dental schools of excellent repute. Aim of the Institution is complete development of personalities who are infused with sound technical knowledge, moral, and ethical values.

The potential dentists are groomed to exhibit excellent communication skills to better understand and treat their patients. ITS Dental College Greater Noida is furnished with outstanding equipments and incredible teaching faculty to maintain the international standard of rigorous dental training in each of the disciplines.One can explore the mentioned colleges to reveal out their latent abilities and hone up their dental expertise to become successful in the field of dentistry.