Top BDS Colleges in India

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Dentistry has been a practice for a long time which monists of the maintenance of the health and hygiene of oral cavity. For this purpose, education needed to be imparted to the ones active in the medical profession. Dentist is a person who is responsible for the oral health and hygiene. For getting knowledge in this particular field, one has to pass through various stages of higher education. There has been a flourishing culture of dentistry, for which Bachelor’s Degree becomes a must.
To start with, one has to opt for science (Physics, Chemistry, Biology) in their intermediate level. After which they need to get into the Bachelor’s programme ie. BDS. BDS or Bachelor of Dental Surgery is a course which has gained a popularity amongst students of medical science. This course is a branch of medicine that is not very difficult to surpass, unlike many other toughest streams.
In India, there are several colleges and institutions which provide undergraduate programme in dental science. In majority of states, dental colleges marking their presence are as follows: Hindustan Institute of Dental Sciences, Greater Noida;
Eklavya Dental College & Hospital, Jaipur District; National Dental College & Hospital, Patiala (Punjab); Kalka Dental college, Guardian Dental College, Thane; Govt. Dental College, Karan Nagar. BDS Colleges in India are not limited to the above mentioned, but numerous other institutions spot the country. Not far away, the national capital has major colleges of dentistry to boast of. And why it should not be so; since those are few of the oldest ones too. Faculty of Dentistry, Jamia Millia Islamia University and Maulana Azad Dental College, University of Delhi are two BDS colleges in Delhi. This boom in education in this field is sure to take the country further amongst the world class dentistry.


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