Dental Education on a new-high in India

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Healthcare Industry or the profession has grown beyond anticipation in the past few years. Dental education is also one of the famous branches amongst the aforementioned. Dental hygiene has become a cause of concern due to the awareness that has spread across the globe. In India, too, it has marked its importance amongst one of the hi-tech. industries. Not only internal health that dentists are responsible for, but it is the external health that they bring confidence to. All sorts of prevention and cure methods are used in the profession. For getting trained, one may opt for a reputed Dental College. Dental admission in India can be found across various states.

If we talk about various institutes that deal well in dental education, then one has the liberty to get admission into either Private or Govt. Colleges. However, many of the institutes have their admission done via Entrance Tests. One can apply for the university via an individual entrance examination or through a Common Entrance Test. There is an important consideration to make before getting enrolled into any of the colleges; DCI (Dental Council of India) takes care of all the medical colleges dealing in Dental Education. Shree Bankey Bihari Dental College, Kalka Dental College, Rama Dental College, etc. are some of the private colleges that deal in providing education in Dental.

Kalka Dental College is situated in Meerut, Uttar Pradesh and is quite a renowned institution in the field of Dentistry. The college has earned a high reputation in a short span. It is affiliated with Chaudhary Charan Singh University; besides, DCI’s approval is also there with the college. After pursuing Dental course from there, one may get to work as a dental practitioner or advisory consultant. They get to practice as a registered dental specialist post completing the specific course in the field.



Dental Colleges in Uttar Pradesh shines through


Oral diseases have become one of the problems that are faced the most. Their occurrence have gone past the disadvantaged group and reached even their socio-economic groups. Therefore, a regular dental check-up is needed so as to prevent dental problems from occurring. Dentist is people who can help one get rid of oral unhygienic status. For becoming registered dentist, a particular set of practices are done; after which one gets eligible for getting a job in any medical college or might become a practitioner. There are many dental colleges that can provide a competitive education in this field. Kalka Dental College, Rama Dental College, etc. can be named under the category.

As far as the dental education is concerned, then Kalka Dental College is a name to consider. The college is situated in Meerut and has been sustaining good level of education for several years. As we all know, DCI (Dental Council of India) approval is necessary in order to have the college name at the top. So, along with DCI approval, the college is approved by Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India. Besides, the college has affiliation from Chaudhary Charan Singh University too. BDS< MDS and many other programmes are offered by the institution.

Another college in the lines of dental education is Shree Bankey Bihari Dental College, which is situated in Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh. The college is amongst the leading ones in oral health education. Both DCI and Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Govt. of India have affiliated the institution. The infrastructure is quite comfortable to live in. it includes well – furnished and spacious library and air-conditioned classrooms. Chaudhary Charan Singh University, Ghaziabad has approved the college. The aim of the college is to offer updated and advanced education in Dental Health and Hygiene.


Shree Bankey Bihari Dental College: Pioneering Name in Dental Academe

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The most important decision for a student is choosing a career. Medicine is one of the noble career choose by students. Medicine is the practice of the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of disease. It encompasses many health care practices for the prevention and treatment of illness in human beings to maintain and restore their health. There are many branches of medicine such as hematology, chiropody, cytology, bio engineering etc. Dentistry is also one of the branches of medicine. It is the branch of medicine in which a person studies about prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases, disorders and conditions of the oral cavity. Oral diseases are one of the major public health problems because of their high incidence and prevalence across the globe. Those doctors who practice dentistry are known as Dentists. A dentist is a health care practitioner who specializes in the diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of diseases and conditions of the oral cavity of a person. Dentists are often able to recognize and identify a wide variety of diseases, ranging from hypertension to cancer. They perform trauma surgery, implants, tissue grafts and laser surgery for repairing, restoring and maintaining the teeth, gums and oral tissues that have been lost or damaged due to accidents or diseases. Various colleges have opened U.P in Dental Stream. Kalka Dental College is quite popular name in this field.


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There are many colleges for dentistry in India. Some of them are Chhattisgarh Dental College & Research Institute, Sundra; Vaidik Dental College & Research Centre, Daman; Goa Dental College; Maitri College of Dentistry and Research Centre, District. Durg etc. Kalka Dental College, Meerut is one of the leading centre of excellence in oral health education. It is recognized by Dental Council India and affiliated to Chaudhary Charan Singh University. The courses offers by college are BDS, Dental Mechanics, Dental Hygienist, MDS. Transport availability, well equipped classrooms, separate hostels for boys and girls, well stocked and well furnished library. Shree Bankey Bihari Dental College is located in Meerut, Uttar Pradesh. The college provide batch of 100 students every year for undergraduate level. Facilities like library, mess, cafeteria, transport facility, separate boys and girls hostel are available in the college.

Studying in an Ideal Dental School

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A profession in medical sector brings exciting remuneration to pursuers. The same goes with a career in dentistry. Only you need to get a proper training in the discipline so as to become eligible for the perks and benefits that the field has to offer you with. A dental school’s role is significant to infuse you with proper training and responsible attitude apart from blending your nature with a professional approach towards the challenging field of dental sciences. This is so important for you to know what kind of dental training is being imparted in a chosen dental school.
Characteristics that your selected college must possess are good teaching and learning environment, excellent board of educators, and incredible placement. Good dental school like the one is Kalka Dental College meerut which coach students regarding functions from most basic ones to that complex in nature. Stipulated environment inside an ideal college works magically to teach candidates about dental procedure. Apart from this, dental aspirants get numerous chances to work on their academics. Subjects being taught by a dental school are dental terminology, human anatomy, nutrition and diseases, radiology, preventive care, pathology, and anesthesiology.

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Practical experience in dentistry keeps so much of importance and a college that houses clinical settings is considered as the best. KD Dental College mathura that has in house dental office makes a perfect example of ideal dental colleges in India. The mentioned dental school helps seekers gain practical experience while working on its in house dental office.

Get Admission in Kalka Dental College



Kalka Dental College is situated in Meerut, Uttar Pradesh and it is established by the Kalka Educational Society in 1974. Kalka Dental College is affiliated to Chaudhary Charan Singh University, Meerut and it is approved by Dental Council of India (DCI) and Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India.

Kalka group of Institutions in India has provided various levels and variety of disciplines such as professional studies, Information Technology, Pharmacy, Medical Dental College and Hospital.

There are various branches of this institution such as Kalka Dental College, Kalka Engineering College, Kalka College of Pharmacy, Kalka College of Education, and Kalka Institute for Research and Advance Studies, etc.

Kalka Dental College provides an undergraduate course in BDS (Bachelor in Dental Surgery) and it is four year course and candidates are enrolling themselves in this course after the 12th standard. In this program, candidates make their career in the dentistry with basic and advanced dental sciences.

The main aim or objectives of this college is prepare to cover a complete professionals in dental health care and it provide the quality of education throughout the nation and its aim to produce technical management professionals education and it established several colleges of advance studies in Delhi or in neighboring states or in abroad. It provide the best faculty who has the best academic record as well as clinic practices and has a practical knowledge in diagnosis and treatment – preventive,  curative, and other dental function.

Kalka Dental College put their effort to provide to the healthcare needs of the public by making use of high tech clinic, professionals and other resources.

There are several dental colleges in India which try to offer their best program in dentistry to the learners candidates and they are able to make their career in dentistry.

Is Dental Admission in India is Considered to be a Beast that is Hard to Tame


Dentistry in the times we are living in is a rewarding career option. It pays you off in the long runs and has a great scope to bloom professionally and personally. To start with the career, you need to clear the entrance test first that is conducted to give admission to a dental course of your choice. For dental admission in India, there are two types of examinations are held. The one is conducted on national level and other is on state level. If you write the national level test, it means you can be sent to a college located in any part of the country. It is very tough to clear but guarantees that you will be finding the best possible option for colleges.

State level test is not that much of tough and offers you with options available in that state only. Sometimes you have to do with a mediocre college also if don’t keep your score card in proper shape. This is why it is very necessary to strive hard for meeting with the success in the admission procedure for dental science. NEET PG and NEET UG set high selection criteria to fill in seats of some of the best dental colleges across India. Alternatively, you can go for an examination that a chosen institute will conduct to offer you a seat to a dental program that appeals to your penchants the most. Whatever the process you opt for, you need to earn good marks to secure a seat with a college of your choice.

There are some colleges which are doing exceptionally good in the domain. Kalka dental college is one among them. This college completes its admission procedure through Common Entrance Test that is conducted by Association of Private Medical & Dental Colleges of UP – UPCATD. The exam is a real beast to tame and students preparing for it need lots of concentration and focused study plans.

Top Private Dental Colleges in India: Base for Expert Practitioners


In recent few years dentistry has been re-explored and today, it is seen as the most promising career option for those who want to go for an alternative medical career. As per the growing demand for the discipline, there is strongly needed a curriculum that can train pursuers in current treatment methodology and make them abreast of latest technological developments in order to keep pace with today’s changing scenario of medical sciences. This responsibility is being shouldered by various government as well as private dental colleges and successful dental healthcare practitioners in large numbers are entering the industry every year. Role of top private dental colleges in India like DJ Dental College is quite remarkable in this regarding where seekers find a perfect learning ground to get themselves groomed with the relevant expertise in the field.   

Such dental colleges are famous for offering world class programs in dentistry and their host of various dental programs at different level of expertise is enough to woo learners from every corner of the world. Apart from a firm courseware that these colleges have to offer to its students; equally thankful is excellent board of professors and senior practitioners who not only are there to impart core subjective knowledge but also to share their work experience with the learners. Besides, clinical sessions and a series of practicum segment are in the prime concern of a high-end program in dental science. Students searching for the best dental college in India can go for Kalka Dental College which is equipped with above mentioned features to craft a pool of expert practitioners who can deal with a series of cases and with efficacy.


The list finds various other top names in the category and completes with ITS Dental College Greater Noida and shree bankey bihari dental college which are equally searched by enthusiasts from the world over.